Autism and Disabilities Functioning

Focused on helping functioning dysfunctional families with autism and other special needs

Tammy speaking

Hello again! In my previous blog post I shared about my long time adventure towards publishing books.  My books will help those on this path of caring for someone with a disabily such as autism.  It is our intent to publish books that are more subject based with tools and tips to assist anyone on this journey.

Today I am going to share a few more subjects with you.  All feedback, questions, and thoughts are welcome.

  • Outings – How to deal with waiting for doctors, traveling in a car, and meetings.  How to help your loved one through the frustration of outings.  Tools and tips to help be proactive when taking any adventure.
  • Masturbation – Yes I said that.  Like it or not this is a part of life.  Many of our sensory seeking people have difficulty understanding this part of their life.  I have tips and tools to teach what is appropriate and what is not.  My experience in dealing with this will help me help others.
  • Holidays – For some families the word holiday or thoughts of the holidays are dreadful.  They’ve had ugly situations take place during the holidays..  I will share with you some of those issues and ways to handle them, as well as how to be proactive in doing so.

I am not writing a textbook.  I am choosing to write as if we are having a conversation.  Any of us can go buy a book that is done in a text book style.  I want caregivers to be comfortable reading what I write.  You won’t have to go research acronyms or fancy words.  I am talking to people to help them through tough times because I have been in their shoes.


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