Autism and Disabilities Functioning

Focused on helping functioning dysfunctional families with autism and other special needs

Tammy speaking

Hi everyone!  Thank you for visiting our new blog.  I want to share with you about what started all of this.  My husband and I parented children, now young adults, with abilities ranging from gifted through multiple disabilities including autism.  My work experience focuses has been autism and disabilities – I LOVE what I do.  I have been writing for several years about autism and other disabilities, how to help other parents, caregivers, and teachers.  I always thought that I would publish a book, however I’ve decided that people want to be able to seek advice on specific topics.  People want something in their hands that they can use right now.  I made the decision by talking to people who need advice and decided that I am going to publish books that are subject based.  The other perk is that it will be cost-effective for the people who need help.

So it is my intent to share with you 2-3 subjects at a time.  All feedback is welcome.  If there is something you think I should write about or share I want to know what it is.

  • It’s Okay – This has a focus on dealing with hearing the label, the disability, the unexpected path you are traveling on.  It is full of encouraging words and advice.
  • It’s Always Behavior – Hmmm, this might be about negative behaviors.  I know you’ll laugh when I say that this is my favorite subject to work with.  There are stories of situations and examples of help.  There are ideas of what you can do if something unexpected happens.

Well that is all I am sharing for today.  I appreciate and thank you for all feedback.

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